Hilarious Inbetweens

I think I might have hit the jackpot. Jokeraddict01 showed me frame 2, so I’m not sure who found this frame first, but I felt I had to capture the rest of this ridiculousness. 

I think my favorite thing about this, is that no frame is a normal drawing. 

So some animation friends and I discovered a while back that Milo from Atlantis the Lost Empire is one of the most over-animated characters ever. There’s far more where this came from. I think I’m gunna have to make a compilation of some of Milo’s best frames. 

Sorry this blog is so full of Disney so far, they just have some really good stuff! 
Feel free to send me requests! 

I got a request for some Calhoun inbetweens! So here you go! 

All he said was she was a dynamite gal! 

Lots of funky stretching happening in these few frames. That hyena became a giraffe in that last one. XD